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The English Wikipedia is the English-language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Founded on 15 January 2001, it is the first edition of Wikipedia and, as of November 2020, has the most articles of any edition. As of January 2021, 11% of articles in all Wikipedias belong to the English-language edition. This share has gradually declined from more than 50 percent in 2003, due to the growth of Wikipedias in other languages. As of 2 January 2021, there are 6,220,752 articles on the site, having surpassed the 6 million mark on 23 January 2020. In August 2019, the total volume of the compressed texts of the English Wikipedia's articles amounted to 16.1 gigabytes.

English Wikipedia
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Main Page of the English Wikipedia in July 2020
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The Simple English Wikipedia (simplewiki) is a variation in which most articles use only basic English vocabulary. There is also the Old English (Ænglisc/Anglo-Saxon) Wikipedia (angwiki), and a test incubator version for the Middle English Wikipedia (enmwiki). Community-produced news publications include The Signpost.

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